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Vertical Raise Fundraiser

Vertical Raise is a social donation campaign that has simplified the way organizations raise money.  All we ask is that each participant(s) gather 20 or more email addresses of their biggest supporters i.e. “Grandma, Grandpa, Aunts, Uncles, Family friends.” Then, emails will be sent to these potential donors where they can view the group's fundraiser page and donate. We are confident there are many people eager to support your child and the arts.  Emails are only used for fundraising and will never be sold or redistributed. 

This year, we are raising funds to update instrument cases and purchase several plaques for the theater department so they can recognize outstanding tech and thespians.  

If 200 students ask 10 people for at least $10, this could be a successful fundraiser!! Our goal is to raise $15,000.  We can do this!!  Sign up now!!

InkedIMG_6247 (1).jpg

How to sign-up!!

  • Go to or click HERE

  • Select “Get Started”

  • Register yourself (name & password)

  • Enter our code: 47748796

  • Upload your photo

  • Select your fine arts discipline

  • Send emails/texts/advertise on social media

It's THAT Simple!!

Contacts are strictly private and protected.

What we are raising money for!

  • New instrument cases - cello, bass, tuba
  • Percussion instruments for choir
  • Plaques for theater


  • Each student who raises $100 gets a DGN Fine Arts Logo Sticker

  • The top 15 fundraisers earn a pizza party with Fine Arts Chairperson Gina Wick(date TBD)

  • The top fundraiser receives two tickets to a Bears Game with complimentary parking

*All proceeds go towards FOFA's mission to support arts education at DGN*

August 2nd - September 12th 2023

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