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How We Help

Fundraising profits from DGN Friends of Fine Arts fundraisers are used to support arts-related expenses for our students, ongoing programs, and events. 



We offer several different scholarship programs and typically spend $20- $25,000 annually. Please see the scholarship program tab HERE for more details!


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Student Enrichment

Funds collected from Contributing Members are used to provide various student enrichment opportunities including professional artist/clinician sessions, student field trips, and student showcase travel. 

We support clinicians who visit students and help foster a greater understanding and appreciation of art through dialogue.  Artists recognized in their fields are invited to present and meet with students in seminars and during class times.   

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Departmental Needs

 Funds are used to host various events like the string & choral festivals and the Scholastic Art Show.  The money generated also is used to supplement the needs of the DGN Fine Arts Department and help pay for the larger items that the school’s budget cannot accommodate.  For example:

  • two professional upright pianos

  • a grand piano 

  • a professional quality soundproof practice room

  • a guillotine for visual arts 

  • display cases for visual arts

  • sound mixing equipment for the theater.   

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